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Traffic Tickets:

You were pulled over and given a ticket. You now you have to make a choice,

Pay or Fight


Why should you fight a traffic ticket? 

  • Insurance will likely go up if convicted

  • Too many points on your license may cause a license suspension

  • The fine is too high and you need time to pay it

  • Your circumstances may help reduce the charge or fine

  • Many tickets are correctable and will be dismissed upon correction.

  • You are charged with a misdemeanor and face the possibility of jail. 


On many tickets, you may have a legitimate defense. There is no reason why you should take a conviction. Fight it! Just because it’s a traffic ticket doesn’t mean it’s not important and it wont affect you. 


Misdemeanor, Infractions and Wobblers:

Some vehicle code violations are misdemeanors, but most are infractions. A violation of an infraction is a crime, but penalties require a fine and or community service. A misdemeanor violation is a crime and punishment can result in a fine, incarceration, and other penalties depending on the violation. A wobbler is a crime that could be charged as a misdemeanor or infraction depending on the facts of the case. 

traffic ticket dismissed transparent.png


Some tickets allow you to correct the problem in exchange for a dismissal and small dismissal fee. The should be taken advantage of any chance you can. 

Some example include:

  • Broken tail light

  • Lack of registration

  • No insurance

  • One break light not operating

  • Driving without a license


These are violations that do not carry any points on your license. Despite this, these tickets can be quite expensive and will be permanently on your record unless you fight it. 

Some examples include:

  • Cell phone tickets

  • Driving solo in the carpool lane

  • Coasting

cell phone tickets.jpg

Moving Violations:

These are violations of the vehicle code that do carry points on your license. Points on your license can lead to higher insurance. If you receive too many points on your license, you can be labeled a habitual traffic offender and lose your license for a limited time period depending on your record. Fight it!

Some examples of moving violations include:

  • Speeding

  • Crossing double yellow lines

  • Failure to yield to oncoming traffic 


Traffic School:

Once every 18 months you are able to attend a school to prevent a point from being placed on your license. The school can be done online or in person and required 8 hours of work. You can only engage in traffic school once every 18 months and the clock starts from citation date to citation date. There is a court fee for the school as well as the school charges a fee. 


2 point violations:

These are vehicle code violations that carry two points on your license. These are generally more serious violations. You cannot attend traffic school for these violations.

Some examples of 2-point violations include:

  • DUI

  • Hit and run

  • Reckless driving

Negligent Operator:

If you receive too many tickets on your record, you an be labeled a negligent operator and lose your ability to drive for up to three years. There are legal defenses to this charge that may apply to your case. 

Your are allowed:

  • 4 points in one year

  • 6 points in two years

  • 8 points in three years

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