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Immigration has become a hot topic in the current political climate. At the Reed Law Firm, we work to help you obtain work visas, student visas, residency, citizenship, asylum and U-Visas. 


We can help you.

Some reasons why you may need an immigration attorney:

  • Recently married a US citizen and want to change your legal status,

  • You have lived in the United States legally (visa/residency) and wish to become a citizen,

  • You intend to come to the United States for work or school and need a visa,

  • Your seeking a better life here in the United States,

  • The danger in your home country has pushed you to fear for you or your families lives,

  • You have lived in the Shadows illegally and want to embrace your new country,

  • You have been a victim of a crime and will provide evidence against the defendant in exchange for legal status. 

We can help. 


Contact us for more information. You are not stuck, you may have options.  

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