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The Reed Law Firm &  Reed Weed Law

are dedicated to helping you with all your Marijuana related needs.

Charged with a DUI/Crime?

Interested in sealing old arrest records or criminal convictions? 

Seeking a license for cultivation, sales, transport, delivery, or lab testing ?

Have a contractual dispute or a loss as a result of the negligence of others?

Suffered discrimination based on use (medicinal or recreational)?

You are covered. Contact us. 

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  • DUI

    • Officers and prosecutors don't get it ​

      • Marijuana ​        Alcohol

      • They are not comparable

      • Without evidence of bad driving they shouldn't be prosecuting you.

      •  Don't be bullied into a plea or conviction. FIGHT IT!

      • California does not have a specific limit of THC that can be in your blood when driving. ​
  • Criminal Defense

    • Vigorous representation when you need it the most

    • Common Marijuana charges are related to:
      • DUI
      • Possession
      • ​​Sales
      • Transportation
      • Non-licensed business
      • Cultivation
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  • Expunge & Seal Arrests / Convictions                      (Felony or Misdemeanor)

    • California has enacted new laws that will help erase your past. 

    • You may be able to:

      • Seal your previous arrest records keeping the public and employers in the dark as to your past. 

      • Reduce prior felonies to misdemeanors

      • Dismiss and seal prior convictions leaving the past behind you.

    • Your past should not define you. 

  • Licensing for legal Marijuana Businesses

    • It is legal!!!!!!
    • You will need to obtain a license from the State of California and the City your business will be located. 
    • We can help with licensing, business transactions, and contracts
    • There are separate licenses depending on what business you wish to start: 
      • ​Cultivation
      • Sales/Dispensory
      • Manufacturing products
      • Delivery services
      • Transporter
      • Testing Lab
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​Marijuana is still illegal at the Federal level.

​Although the trend is changing, every decision will need to take this into account.

Steps must be taken to protect your investment.​   

  • Discrimination

    • You have a medical right to use marijuana if your doctor recommends/prescribes it.​

    • You have the right to not be treated differently just because you use marijuana related products

    • Don't allow people to treat you as a second class citizen

    • Do something about it. Contact us.

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