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Premarital/Postnuptial Agreements:




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At the Reed Law Firm, we understand that although love and marriage are beautiful achievements, sometimes life changes and people grow apart. 

The questions you need to ask yourself are:

  • Do you want to ensure you and your partner treat each other with respect and dignity in the event of separation,


  • Do you want to roll the dice and hope you both will remember how much you both love each other in the event the marriage breaks down? 

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We know what you are thinking:

How does a marriage contract say I love you and want to spend my life with you? 


Most people who get married want it to last forever. When two people get married, the love is strong and there are usually no worries towards the future of that love. But if the marriage breaks down, couples tend to forget about all the good things in the relationship and dwell on the bad.

This causes painful fights, custody and property battles. 


A pre-marital or post-nuptial agreement serve to prevent any problems in the event the marriage breaks down. By agreeing ahead of time how anything and everything should be divided, you in effect prevent yourself and your partner from acting irrational in the event of divorce. 


Premarital vs. Post marital agreements

You do not have to obtain a prenup before you get married. It can be created at anytime after the marriage begins. The difference is in the name (pre vs post). The effect can be exactly the same. 



You can spend your whole life married and never need the pre/post nuptial agreement. It only matters in the event of divorce. In this climate where there are distractions everywhere, it is a very good idea to prepare for the worst and embrace the best parts of life. 


Some things that can be done with these types of agreements:

  • Keep each others assets, property, wages separate to ensure whats yours is yours and what is theirs is theirs in the event of divorce. 

  • Indicate how spousal support would be allocated if at all. 

  • Indicate what property each party would have an interest in and how much interest. 


If you have ever told someone I love you, and you are no longer with that person, this is a good indication that one day your current relationship may break down.

Don’t make the mistake of getting lost in a lawsuit.

Plan ahead now so in the event of separation, both you and your partner will ensure it is done amicably.


You can move on with little to no baggage and ZERO attorney fees.  

Contact us today.

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