​​DUI/DMV Administrative Per Se Hearings (APS)

  • ​Every time you are arrested for a DUI (Alcohol/Prescription/Marijuana)​, you are given a 30 day temporary license. 

  • ​You have 10 days form the date of the arrest to schedule a DMV administrative hearing to protect your license

    • ​If you fail to request a hearing in those first 10 days, you waive your right to a hearing and your license will  be automatically suspended 30 days after your arrest.

    • If a hearing is requested within 10 days of the arrest, the automatic suspension will be prevented and you will have an opportunity to fight the arrest and allegation of DUI. 

Physical & Mental Examinations (P & M)

  • Prescription/Drug/Marijuana DUI's​​

    • When you are arrested for a drug/prescription/marijuana  related DUI, the DMV usually will suspend your license pending a physical and mental examination. ​

      • A doctor examination followed by an in person DMV examination are required​

  • ​Officer Requested Examination

    • An officer has the authority to request that the DMV take away your license because it is the officers belief that you are not capable of safely operating ​a vehicle. 

      • A doctor examination followed by an in person DMV examination are required​

    • A simple cell phone or speeding ticket could result in this requirement depending on what happens

    • Senior citizens are often the target of this type of treatment​​

Negligent Operator 

  • Life happens and sometimes you may find yourself with too many points on your license. ​

    • There are defenses and you are not without hope​

  • A hearing is scheduled and in the end, the DMV may suspend your license, take no action, or put you on probation.

  • Point allowances on your license:

    • 4 points in one year

    • 6 points in two years 

    • 8 points in three years