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Your past does not define who you are. 

Clean up that record.

Were you convicted of a crime and now want to clean your record?

Did you get arrested and charges were dismissed or never filed?

Are you currently on probation and want to terminate the probation early?

You have the right to have your past erased. Contact us and we will do the rest. 


Old felony convictions can be reduced to misdemeanors

Some possible benefits include:

  • Being able to apply for student loans

  • Qualify for better housing

  • Restore weapon rights

  • Ability to apply to more jobs without fear of the past

  • Bragging rights ->

    • "I have never been convicted of a felony"

*Exceptions Apply*

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Misdemeanor convictions can be dismissed

By expunging old convictions you can legally say you have NEVER been arrested and NEVER been convicted of a crime. 

Can benefit:

  • Job searching / applications

  • Housing

  • Background Checks

  • State license applications

  • Bragging rights

    • "I have never been convicted of a crime"

*Exceptions Apply*

Seal prior criminal arrests

Your arrest follows you forever.

The arrest can still be seen on background checks even if you were arrested but never charged with a crime, or your case was dismissed. 

You may be able to:

Seal your previous arrest records keeping the public and employers in the dark as to your past. 

Reduce prior felonies to misdemeanors

Dismiss and seal prior convictions leaving the past behind you.

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