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Civil Law Suits / Personal Injury

Have you been involved in a car accident?

Did the negligence of others cause you damages? (monetary or medical) 

Contractual dispute or need to have a contract drafted?


Civil vs. Criminal

  • In civil cases, you are asking the court to make you whole again or make a wrong right. You are asking the court to order another person to reimburse you and make you whole for damages, force another party to act, or prevent another person from doing something

  • In criminal cases, you are charged with a crime and the courts concern is to determine if and how you should be punished. 

When do you have a Civil Case?

  • You have a contract and the other party owes you money or a performance. 

  • You were in a car accident, you were not at fault or the other party was mostly at fault and you have damages in the form of medical, auto and/or pain and suffering.

  • A person or business is negligent and you suffer injury (personal or financial) based on that negligence. 


On most civil cases, The Reed law Firm will take the case on contingency meaning that you will not have to pay us anything unless you receive money. The firm will take an agreed upon percentage of the winnings + costs.

Signing a Contract
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